JBIS Vol 70 No 05-06

JBIS-Editorial-Cover-2017-05-06The May-June issue of JBIS has now been published and contains the following papers:

Interstellar Studies

Interstellar Communications using Microbial Data Storage: Implications for SETI
Robert Zubrin

Sailships vs. Fusion Rockets: A Contrarian View
James Benford

HERITAGE: A Monte Carlo Code to Evaluate the Viability of Interstellar Travels using a Multi-Generational Crew
Frédéric Marin

Nanobots and Fairyflies
Robert Alan Mole

On the Feasibility of Human Interstellar Flights from Economic, Energetic and Other Perspectives
Jiří Mazurek

On-Board Power for Interstellar Generation Ships: Application of Cassenti’s Toroidal Ion Scoop
Gregory L. Matloff

A Rationale for Alien Megastructures
Gregory L. Matloff

Performance Predictions for Interstellar Missions using the Special Theory of Relativity
Brice Cassenti and Laura Cassenti

Do No Harm? Cultural Imperialism and the Ethics of Active SETI
John W. Traphagan

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