Space Rescue and Safety Forum



In association with The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS)

Over the past six decades the development of Space Rescue techniques and technologies together with the awareness of crew safety has been at the forefront of each human spaceflight program. Over the years we have seen several major incidents involving issues of safety and rescue and where the lives of the crew have been at risk, or sadly resulted in their loss.

As we enter new phases of human space flight development so emerging technologies will be developed to support crew safety and rescue scenarios  encompassing operations from low Earth orbit  to the Moon, at Mars and eventually far beyond.

This Forum will address the history and future potential of both Rescue and Safety in spaceflight and it is hoped will become a regular international Forum hosted by the Society.

Co-ordinated by Dave Shayler, papers for the event are now being accepted and welcomed. If you wish to present a paper in the field of Space Safety or Rescue please email your details to the Society.

As the program develops, further details will be announced together with a list of speakers and the agenda.

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