4th BIS Belgium Annual Space Symposium

Date: 28 October 2017
Start Time: 2 pm

Venue: Armand Pien observatory, Gezusters Lovelingstraat 1, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

BIS Belgium organises its 4th symposium at a new location in Ghent.

There will be four presentations:

  • Lieven Roesems – Blue Origin: Accomplishments and plans for the future
  • Bart Hendrickx – Planetary Exploration Update about planetary missions currently underway and the ones that will be launched in the future
  • Elisaveta Orlova – Extraterrestrial life challenge
  • Philip Corneille – Spacefarers’ wristwatches 1961-2021

More detailed info about the presentations can be found at the BIS Belgium website: www.bis-space.com/belgium/symposium-28-october-2017/

Be sociable; support the BIS!