West Midlands Branch Talks (24 March 2018)

Date: 24 March 2018

Start Time: 1.45 pm
End Time: 4.30 pm

Venue: The Gardeners Arms, Vines Lane, Droitwich, WR9 8LU

Rod Woodcock – Visits to the Cape between 1971 & 1981
I was able to view 5 launches from the press site and was taken round the VAB and also round both pads including up to the top of the mobile launch tower and many other places as well.

Terry Ransome – To Mars via Kazakhstan Beagle 2
Beagle 2’s arrival at Mars was a silent one! It would be 11 years before the lander was found on the surface, still silent but very much intact. In his talk Terry tells the story of Beagle 2 and his Kazakhstan/Baikonur experiences – and how it was that Beagle 2 was eventually found and identified on the Red Planet.

The event is free to attend!


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