Colin McInnes: “Emerging Space Technologies: Opportunities for the Future” (30th January 2018 at BIS Scotland)

BIS Scotland Branch Meeting

30th January 2018, 7-9pm; Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow

We are delighted to announce that Prof Colin McInnes will be joining us on Tuesday, 30th January 2018 at 7pm at Riverside Campus, City College Glasgow, giving us a talk on

Emerging Space Technologies: Opportunities for the Future

ABSTRACT: The space sector is undergoing dramatic changes as a range of emerging new technologies are enabling exciting opportunities for the future. This talk will explore some of these technologies and speculate as to where they may lead. By consider space technologies at extremes of length-scale – from micro-to-macro – future opportunities, from swarms of satellite-on-a-chip devices to the utilisation of space resources, will be considered.

BIO: Colin McInnes is James Watt Chair, Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Glasgow. His research interests include spacecraft orbital dynamics, solar sail propulsion and advanced concepts engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Engineering and a member of the Scottish Government’s Science Advisory Council.

For more information, please visit his staff page.

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