Space Day 2018


Be part of the biggest free Space Event in the Midlands!

Attendance to this event is free – no registration necessary, just turn up on the day!

Following on from the huge success of Space Day 2017, the West Midlands Branch of the British Interplanetary Society along with The Hive is calling for Exhibitors for their free World Space Week event in 2018. Stand space is free!

If you/your organisation is interested in a stand at the event please e-mail  For further details be sure to check out our Facebook page!

When: Saturday 06/10/2018

Where: The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, Worcester WR1 3PD

Exhibitors planned so far:

The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) – West Midlands Branch (The organisers of this event!)
The BIS is the oldest space society in the world. BIS West Midlands is based in Droitwich and runs a No of Space related events throughout the year. BIS HQ will be bringing a Soyuz docking simulator to the event so attendees can try their hand at docking a Soyuz at the International Space Station!

Immersive Experience – Planetarium
Immersive Experiences, the UK’s multi-awarding planetarium will be bringing their 360° Digital 3D VR planetarium to the Hive, where audiences can enjoy the stunning sky outside our city, fly through the universe and learn what it’s like to become an astronaut with our expert astronomer.

Daden Limited
Daden Fieldscapes – Go for a Walk on Mars!
Daden are a Birmingham based company specialising in the creation of 3D and Virtual Reality immersive learning and training applications and experiences, with clients including UK and US Government Departments, the NHS and many UK Universities and several local councils. Fieldscapes is an application which lets subject matter experts author learning and training experiences which can be used by students and employees to learn and practice new skills and explore new locations. Fieldscapes experiences have ranged from virtual geography field-trips through time-travelling to neolithic sites such as Avebury Ring, to training nurses and midwives.
For World Space Day 2018 Daden will be using the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets to let you walk in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, to visit a sample of the real Martian landscape to view models of the Viking Lander and Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers, to see the awesome size of Comet 67P, to fly through the whole solar system and potentially even stand on a moon of Jupiter or Saturn.

Astro Info Service (AIS)
Astro(naut) Info(rmation) Service was formed in 1982 to distribute the latest news on the growing number of people selected to train for space flights. The first AIS published booklet on the third NASA astronaut selection came out later that year. The publication schedule soon expanded to include other aspects of the programme, including STS Annual Reports and EVA Reports. From the early 1970s, Dave has also provided a presentation series to schools, groups and enthusiasts on various aspects of human spaceflight. These presentations have continued throughout the lifetime of AIS. Regular anniversary presentations on the Apollo missions are second in popularity to the school presentation AT HOME IN SPACE (which Dave subtitles ‘Eating, Drinking, Going to the Toilet, and Being Sick!’).
Our goal is to establish AIS as a leading supplier of accurate and informative data on global human spaceflight history, current operations and future trends.

Robin Brand – Launching Spacecraft from the UK
The UK space scene is changing rapidly, with recent UK Space Agency and government initiatives aimed at promoting British spaceports and access to space. The BIS NLV feasibility study is part of this new scene and has concluded it is possible to build and launch spacecraft from the UK. Project leader Robin Brand will be on hand to explain how this is not only technically possible but economically viable:

1. Would it be feasible to launch into orbit from the UK – if so how?
2. What is the potential market?
3. How could physical access to space be most economically implemented?
4. What might a realistic payload and revenue stream look like?
5. How do the economics come together and could a business case be closed?
6. Could access to space from the UK be investor funded? 

Copies of the final report explaining all will be available, and Robin will be looking for those interested in helping with the 12-month Phase 2 of the study.

He will also be showing his definitive book on the Skylark sounding rocket, the first full account of the UK’s earliest space vehicle, a fascinating and largely untold story of how this became the first British rocket to reach space and become the basis of the UK’s earliest space programme. Over a period of 48 years, hundreds were fired, launching into space thousands of instruments that made previously unobtainable observations of the Earth, Sun, stars and galaxies. Signed to order copies of the book will be available.

Robin Brand has always been interested in space matters, having graduated from the ‘Eagle’ comic and ‘Dan Dare’ (in colour) via ‘The Sky at Night’ on television (in black and white) to membership of the British Interplanetary Society (in 3D!) He is chair of the BIS Technical Committee, and Project Leader of the BIS Nanosat Launch Vehicle Feasibility Study. He has given several talks and presentations on the study, the latest at the BIS HQ in May. He joined the BIS in 2009 and became a Fellow in January 2017.

Contact details:
17 Park Road, Fordingbridge, Hants. SP6 1EQ
Tel: 01425 655559

University of Hertfordshire – School of Creative Arts
The University of Hertfordshire has identified Space as one of its key research themes. Staff and students in the School of Creative Arts are investigating Design for Weightlessness. The project involves considering ways in which everyday objects need to be redesigned for future space tourism, in the fields of fashion, interior architecture, product design, and industrial design. We are also considering ways of using virtual simulations to model the effects of weightlessness on designed objects.

Summerfield Old Boys
The Summerfield (Rocket) Research Station (Droitwich side of Kidderminster) formally opened in Jan 1952 and so Jan 2018 is the 66th Anniversary of the site opening. Original members of the staff will be at Space Day celebrating 66 years of Rocket Research and Production at Summerfield. If you’re an Ex Summerfield employee and want to meet up with former colleagues or someone who would like to know more about the trials and tribulations of rocket research in the 1950’s & 60’s come along to Space Day.

 Institute of Physics
The Institute of Physics has a fascinating and diverse membership that ranges from students through qualified professionals in all disciplines to the still interested and involved retired community.
We believe that the Institute of Physics is a place where any physicist or person interested in physics can come to find something to interest and amaze them, and to form positive connections with others who share their fascination.

The De Havilland “Blue Streak” Rocket and the Rolls Royce RZ 2 Rocket Engine -A Unique personal collection of Memorabilia
Blue Streak was a UK Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) which when cancelled as a weapon went on to become the first stage of the European Launcher Development Organisations (ELDO) ill-fated launcher. Due to the nature of his work the owner was in an excellent position to purchase memorabilia. This is an opportunity to see some rare hardware and chat to an individual with a unique knowledge of the Blue Streak programme!

Rocket Propulsion Establishment Westcott
Mark Perman worked at the Rocket Propulsion Establishment Westcott and later at Roxel (UK Rocket Motors) Ltd Summerfield Nr Kidderminster. He has edited a history of Westcott which includes the early history of the site and its rocket projects, a complete listing of the rocket firing sites, along with some publicity brochures giving details of the capabilities of the site. Many rare photos are included

Mark will have copies of the A4 booklet with him for sale and will happily chat about Westcott and Rocket Technology.

Mark will have on display elements of the type of engine used to place the Juno spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter!

Colin Price– Principal Lecturer in Computing at the University of Worcester and National Teaching Fellow
Colin is well known for his innovative teaching where his students code simulations of rockets and spacecraft, wind-turbines, hydro-power plants, monster-truck suspension and even badminton shots. His students also build and program robots using Arduino technology, create touch screens and other novel interfaces. Colin’s current research is looking at how Primary School children can program using Java, the same language taught to our undergraduates! He has developed a “Story-writing-Coding” engine which has been used with over 120 5-11 year-olds with great effect. He has also created virtual physics and engineering laboratories using a video game engine and is researching the effectiveness of these. Some of this research will surely leak into his Space Day stand.

The Black Knights West Midlands Hobby Rocket Flying Club is based near Stratford upon Avon. If you have ever wanted to fly a rocket this is the stand to visit.

Dr Chris Baddiley
I will show pictures of my computer controlled telescopes and Observatory at Mathon, and the high-quality astronomical images I have taken. Maybe parts of my universe in four dimensions presentation with inter-stellar relativistic travel simulation – Moving about the universe etc.

I will also present my light pollution monitoring of the Malvern Hills AONB, which is now continuous with seven years of data, showing the changes with weather and LED lighting etc. That would be on behalf the British astronomical Association commission for dark skies. For which I am scientific adviser.

I will also advertise my University of the third age astronomy and astrophysics course. Now in its fifth year of repeats.

Midlands Spaceflight Society
Midlands Spaceflight Society (MSS) is a group of space flight enthusiasts predominantly based in the West Midlands (UK). MSS distributes news and information on space exploration projects from around the World. This is achieved through its newsletter CapCom, which is published 6 times per year, and through its Facebook Page:

Carmen Capuano
With diverse books such as Ascension [Uncial Press] and Split Decision [P’kaboo Publishers] under her belt, as well as her self-published science fiction series, The Owners, Capuano is an author for all tastes.
Cross-genre as well as multifaceted, the audience for her books is wide ranging and as diverse as the books themselves. “I’ve never thought of myself as appealing to only one type of person,” she says. “After all, aren’t we all multidimensional in both our emotions and our actions?”
Lovers of realism and contemporary novels will enjoy Split Decision, which focuses on the choice a young girl on the cusp of womanhood has to make. Reminiscent of Sliding Doors, the book explores the concept of the division of time from a key event, in this case, the choice Natalie has to make. Will she make the right choice?
And fans of dystopian science fiction such as The Hunger Games, are in for a treat with Ascension, and The Owners series, which both follow the plight of a society as its accepted evils are revealed.
Capuano will have a selection of autographed books available for purchase on the day.
More information on the author and her books can be found on carmen capuano author<>

Spaceflight UK – Jerry Stone
Jerry Stone has been fascinated with space since childhood, and grew up watching the Moon landings. He has given presentations about space for almost 50 years, starting whilst he was still at school back in 1969. He also presents space workshops in schools, arriving with a car loaded with goodies such as a set of inflatable planets and a rocket launcher. He inspires and excites pupils as they make and launch rockets, make space landers and desktop volcanoes. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the first men on the Moon – which makes it an excellent time to book him to spend a day at your school.
Jerry will be helping Space Day visitors to make and launch rockets!
Jerry has spoken at venues all over the UK and abroad, including the British Science Festival, The Farnborough Air Show, The Edinburgh Festival (where he launched a rocket), the Royal Institution and the Palace of Westminster! He gave a presentation for BBC Wales for Stargazing Live.
He is often on TV and radio; particularly on Sky News when they have a space story to cover. 
He is currently leading a project at the British Interplanetary Society to update the space colony studies from the 1970s.
He is the author of a book about space exploration called “One Small Step”, and copies will be available, priced £15, which he will be happy to sign.
Visit for details of his workshops and other space activities.

Bromsgrove and Droitwich Makerspace
BDMakerspace are campaigning to set up a Makerspace in Worcestershire around the Bromsgrove and Droitwich area. They’ll be at Space Day to talk about the Maker movement and to get people excited about the potential for a community workshop in the area. Makerspaces inspire STEM subjects in the young, as well as acting as a “knowledge exchange”, sharing traditional craft skills and new technology with everyone. They hope that raising awareness of the campaign will inspire visitors to get involved and make the dream a reality!

Mat Irvine FBIS 
Having spent a nearly quarter of as century as a special effects designer within the BBC Visual effects Department, Mat Irvine is probably most associated with working on such series as Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. However because of a lift-time interest in astronomy and space travel, he often got to work on more factual scientific series such as Tomorrow’s World, Horizon and The Sky at Night and, in recent years, Stargazing Live. Because model-making was a long-time interest, and having written several books on the subject and numerous magazine articles, he also built up a collection of spacecraft models, many of which also found there way into programmes. Some of these will be on display at Space Day 2018.
Plus and because science fiction and science fact often intermingle, there will be a selection of SF spaceships also on display, and maybe even a famous robotic dog…

UKSEDS – UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
UKSEDS is the UK’s national student space society. We run space projects, host conferences, workshops, and careers events, and do outreach all over the country.

I4IS Initiative for Interstellar Studies
The Initiative for Interstellar Studies ( is an organisation based in the UK but with a worldwide presence. We are working towards the achievement of interstellar flight through research, development, education, outreach and advocacy.
The Initiative for Interstellar Studies team includes world authorities on interstellar science and engineering, has pioneered studies in propulsion and other technologies and is contributing to Breakthrough Starshot, a $100 million project to send nano-probes to the nearest stars. Kelvin Long of i4is serves on the Advisory Committee of Breakthrough Starshot and the i4is team contributed an early study, Project Andromeda, to Starshot. Other Starshot participants include the late and much-lamented Stephen Hawking FRS, Mark Zuckerberg, Freeman Dyson FRS and Martin Rees FRS, the Astronomer Royal. Professor Dyson is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies. 
Schools outreach is an important part of our work and we have presented and led events at many UK schools over the past four years. Our i4is Education Director, Rob Swinney, oversees this work and our work with universities, notably the International Space University, Strasbourg. John Davies coordinates our work in schools. Our team are all registered or pending STEM Ambassadors. Contact us via
The website is your Gateway to Interstellar Studies. If you are interested in travel to world’s beyond our own, to other star systems, and the discovery of new knowledge and life then it is the place to go!


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