Orbital access to space from the UK? (17 May 2018)

The BIS Nanosat Launch Vehicle feasibility study results

Thursday, 17 May 2018, 7pm – 8.30pm
British Interplanetary Society, London SW8 1SZ

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Project Leader Robin Brand will present the results of the two-year BIS Technical Project “The BIS NLV feasibility study”, which will answer these key questions:

  • Would it be feasible to launch into orbit from the UK – if so how?
  • What is the potential market?
  • How could physical access to space be most economically implemented?
  • What might a realistic payload and revenue stream look like?
  • How do the economics come together and could a business case be closed?
  • Could access to space from the UK be investor funded?

This project began in March 2016, and the final report is being written for release at the end of March 2018. The study has involved “state of the art” research, and has allowed the BIS members taking part to be involved in current day space topics.

The study is unusual because the results will available be in the public domain, and not constrained by commercial considerations. It is technology unbiased, i.e. not tied to one particular hardware or launch method. It does not wishfully extrapolate market growth but estimates future demand using a technique, that so far as we know, has not previously been used to model the spacecraft market, and it assesses potential launch vehicles, not just on technical merit, but on whether they can support a business model that can launch payloads at prices customers are prepared to pay, while also providing satisfactory returns to investors.

Full copies and short-form summaries of the final report will be available to all who attend. Study members will also be attending to help answer questions.

For further information on the BIS NLV study, see the introductory webpage www.bis-space.com/what-we-do/projects/project-nlv

About the speaker

Robin Brand (BSc CEng MIET FBIS) is chair of the BIS Technical Committee, and Project Leader of the BIS Nanosat Launch Vehicle Feasibility Study, which he started in March 2016. He joined the BIS in 2009, and became a Fellow in January 2017.

Although an electronics engineer by profession, he has always had a great interest in space matters. He gives frequent talks around the country, and presented a paper on the BIS NLV feasibility study at RISpace 2017 in Glasgow last October. He has written the definitive book on the ‘Skylark’ sounding rocket, see www.skylark.space.

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