ExoMars Talk by Paul Meacham (13 September 2018)

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 7pm – 8.30pm
British Interplanetary Society, London SW8 1SZ

‘ExoMars: Engineering for the Red Planet’ by Paul Meacham, Lead Systems Engineer, Airbus, Stevenage

The joint European-Russian ExoMars Rover is due for launch in 2020 following its assembly by Airbus in Stevenage. This talk presents the current status of the ExoMars mission, and, in particular, the various interim models of the Rover that have been built to qualify different aspects of the design. Along the way, the many key features of the Rover that ensure survival on Mars and a successful mission will be explored, including the thermal design, autonomous navigation and planetary protection.

Biography – Paul Meacham:

Paul Meacham

Paul Meacham is the Lead Systems Engineer on the ExoMars Rover Vehicle Project at Airbus, specialising in requirements and verification.  He graduated from Leicester University in 2006 with a Master’s degree in Physics with Space Science & Technology, joining the Airbus Graduate Programme in September of that year. Paul joined the ExoMars project in October 2008, initial developing one of the prototype rovers used for the development of the autonomous navigation system, before moving into system engineering. He now leads a team of 4 system engineers covering such areas as budgets, mission performance analysis, test campaigns and interface management.

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