Technical Project Trilogy evening

Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 7pm – 8.30pm
British Interplanetary Society, London SW8 1SZ

An introduction to three of the BIS current technical projects presented by the project leaders

1. Project Q-Cube – Recent BIS president Mark Hempsell will outline his “hands-on” project, the quarter CubeSat bus suitable for school and undergraduate projects.


2. The SPACE Project – Jerry Stone will move into orbit with his project, which is re-examining Space Colonies by looking at smaller start up concepts.


3. Project TOKNEP – David Homfray will go interplanetary and speak about the most recent BIS technical project – an authoritative state-of-the-art study into the use of fusion technology for the propulsion of solar system spacecraft.


Each talk will last 25 minutes and be followed by questions. The evening is part of the move to publicise BIS Technical Projects more widely to the membership, and follows on from Robin Brand’s popular talk in May about the BIS NLV feasibility study.

For further information on the BIS Technical Projects past and present, see the introductory webpage

About the speakers

Mark Hempsell Joined the Society in 1971 and was elected to Fellow in 1984. He was president from 1997-2000 and is just finishing his second spell from 2016-2018. His career in astronautics started at British Aerospace Space and Communications Division working as a systems engineer on communications satellites and infrastructure systems. In 1991 he joined the University of Bristol and became the Senior Lecturer in Astronautics. His Q-Cube technical project began in 2016. 

Jerry Stone is a freelance presenter on space exploration and member of the BIS Technical Committee.  He was already an expert on the Apollo programme when he gave his first presentation on space whilst still at school back in 1969. The Space (Study Project Advancing Colony Engineering) has been running since 2013.

David Homfray is a fellow of the BIS. He and colleagues from the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and Cranfield University have been conducting TOKNEP (Tokamak Nuclear Electric Propulsion) studies for a number of years, and a paper on the subject was presented at RISpace 2016. Later that year their work was adopted as the most recent BIS Technical Project.

Robin Brand, Chair BIS Technical Committee,  04/06/2018

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