Matjaz Vidmar: “From Standing Stones to Blasting Rockets” (3rd August 2018 at BIS Scotland, hosted by SIGMA)

BIS Scotland Branch Meeting

3rd August 2018, 7.30-9.30pm; Birnie Village Hall in Thomshill, Elgin

Kindly hosted by Moray’s Astronomy Club – SIGMA.

With our next meeting, on 3rd August 2018, BIS Scotland is finally making it to the Highlands, with Moray’s Astronomy Club – SIGMA hosting Matjaz Vidmar’s talk:

From Standing Stones to Blasting Rockets: Scotland is Off to Space!

Global Space Industry is in a time of a radical transformation and is no longer the exclusive business of global superpowers or multi-national corporations. In this talk we will link the rich History of Astronomy and Space Science in Scotland to contextualise exciting new developments in our ambition to follow these trends and expand our Space Sector; looking in particular at how we join together entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, with some help from long-established institutions and new ventures and interventions. However, building a Space Industry ecosystem is not trivial – after all, who said it was not rocket science?   

Matjaz Vidmar is a doctoral student in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He graduated with Honours in Physics and later obtained Masters degrees in Social Science, where he was looking at science evaluation, innovation and economic growth. In his doctoral research, he is deploying ethnographic methodology to study high-tech innovation in the Space Industry, focusing on emerging networks, knowledge transfer and new product development processes. Additionally, he is involved in several international initiatives and projects to develop the future of Space Technology. He is also a lecturer, tutor and science communicator, speaking to a variety of audiences about Astronomy, Technology and Innovation. You can find more about Matjaz, and how to get in touch, at:

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