“Is Astronaut Food the Future?” Event at Edinburgh Fringe

Date: 20th August 2018
Time: 8.10pm
Venue: Stand’s New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe

BIS Scotland co-lead Matjaz Vidmar has a slot at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – if you’re in the area, please consider supporting him!

“Is Astronaut Food the Future?” 

With growing pressure on the planet’s resources, food production is having to get more high-tech. Are you worried about what’s in it? From looking at food provisions in extreme environments like space, researchers and engineers have come up with some very interesting but controversial solutions which are now making their way into mainstream food production.

Join space technology and innovation researcher, Matjaz Vidmar (The University of Edinburgh), to decide if you want food developed for astronauts in your future!

We will be talking all things Food and (Outer) Space, from consumables sent “up there”, “space microwaves”, baking bread and growing salad on International Space Station and Earth Observation technologies controlling global food production of the future.  To find out more why this matters, here is a little interview Matjaz did for the CoDI Blog and a promotional video.

Finally, speaking of freeze drying, there might be some interesting samples to taste…

More info and TICKETS: www.bit.ly/IsAstronautFoodTheFuture

The event is part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas series (CODI), which is a joint Beltane Public Engagement Network and Fair Pley production. Kindly supported by the School of Social and Political Science Student Development Office, The University of Edinburgh.

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