i4is: Evening Lecture by Prof Ian Crawford

We are proud to highlight an event organised and hosted by our sister organisation, the Initiative for Interstellar Studies:

Evening Lecture by Prof Ian Crawford

Date: Friday 26 October 2018
Start Time: 6.30 pm (doors open 5pm)

Venue: The conference room at the Bone Mill, New Street, Charfield, South Gloucestershire, GL12 8ES

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies (a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in the UK) are proud to bring open lectures on space and related studies, generally on the last Friday of the month, to the people of South Gloucestershire and the local area.

We aim to bring thought-provoking lectures suitable for enthusiasts to students and professionals that raise the knowledge of all the participants. There will be scope for questions then but perhaps join us for dinner afterwards – you should let us know by the Monday prior and would have to pay for yourself. Finally, watch out for our short courses and workshops where you can work with leaders in the field with practical exercises and fun activities.

Friday 26th October 2018:

Avoiding Intellectual Stagnation: the Starship as an Expander of Minds

Interstellar exploration will advance human knowledge and culture in multiple ways. Scientifically, it will advance our understanding of the interstellar medium, stellar astrophysics, planetary science and astrobiology. In addition, significant societal and cultural benefits will result from a programme of interstellar exploration and colonisation. Most important will be the cultural stimuli resulting from expanding the horizons of human experience, and increased opportunities for the spread and diversification of life and culture through the Galaxy. Ultimately, a programme of interstellar exploration may be the only way for human (and post-human) societies to avoid the intellectual stagnation predicted for the ‘end of history’.


Professor Ian Crawford is professor of Planetary Science and Astrobiology at Birkbeck, University College London.  He is a specialist in the science and exploration of the moon and in the new science of searching for life in the universe.  Prof Crawford came to planetary science from a career in astronomy where he conducted studies on the interstellar medium – the gas and dust between the stars.  He has had a long interest in the future of space exploration and is convinced exploration and space development will prove to be of central importance to the future of humanity.  Additional to its obvious scientific importance he thinks an ambitious human space programme will offer significant social and cultural advantages.


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