39th BIS Sino-Russian (prev Soviet/Chinese) Technical Forum 2019

Date: 1-2 June 2019
Start Time: 09:30am (TBC)
End Time: 05:00pm (TBC)
Venue: BIS, 27/29 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SZ

During the weekend of 1st and 2nd, June 2019 the BIS will be holding its annual Sino-Russian Technical Forum at the Society’s Headquarters in London. This Forum has been running for an amazing 39 years (previously under the title Soviet/Chinese).

The Sino-Russian Technical Forum is one of the most popular and longest running events in the Society’s history and has hosted some star guests over the years. We are proud to say that we have sufficient material for a two-day programme this year and we will continue the tradition of featuring a wide-ranging agenda. Details of the programme are being finalised but will feature presentations, films and debates on the history, current activities and future plans of both the Russian and Chinese space programmes. We encourage members to support the event, visit the heart of the BIS and take the opportunity to meet old friends and establish new contacts. 

Please note that we can cater for other dietary requirements (such as gluten-free) if you let us know in the notes field in the shopping basket (or email info@bis-space.com / call the office on 0207 735 3160).

All speakers and delegates are welcome to join us for an informal dinner on the Saturday evening, venue TBD but will be local in Vauxhall. This dinner will be self-funded, so you need only let us know whether you definitely want to join us, so that we can give an accurate headcount for the booking. (Please add a comment in the notes field in the shopping basket). It’s possible the pub will want to take pre-orders and we will email you if that turns out to be the case. 

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As the Society reflects on lunar exploration this year’s Sino-Russian programme continues that theme with a selection of papers recalling Russian and Asian efforts to reach the Moon, combined with the usual broad selection of topics.

The programme is still being developed and further papers are expected across the two-day Forum.

Andrew Knight: Soyuz 6, 7 and 8. The Flight of the Cosmic Troika

Andrew Thomas: A review of the sputnik stories in the Australian press for October, 1957           

Bart Hendrickx: Cancelled Soviet-era Luna missions. 

Bert Vis: Soviet lunar cosmonaut group

Brian Harvey: Japan’s lunar programme

Dave Shayler [2 presentations]: Recalling the Moon Race; Exploring the Orbital Modules of Soyuz & Shenzhou

Gurbir Singh: India’s Lunar Missions

Ken MacTaggart: Soviet Space Exhibitions in London

Phil Clark [2 presentations]: New Russian Intelligence-Gathering Satellites; China’s Manned Lunar programme and the CZ-9


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