STEAM Book Prize: Voting for 2019

Welcome to the page on which you can vote for your favourite book to win the STEAM prize.  STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Enginnering, the Arts and Mathemathics. You should only vote once here but please tell as many people as you like to read the books and also vote themselves for their favourite book.  Complete the form below and then click submit so that we can enter your vote.  After voting, why not look at some of the resources below the form which you might be able to use in your school:



If you would like to advertise the STEAM prize, please download the flyers below:

STEAM Book Club Poster
STEAM Vote Poster
STEAM Vote Flyer



Maisie Day Poster


Maisie Fact Sheet 1
Maisie Fact Sheet 2
Maisie Fact Sheet 3
Maisie Fact Sheet 4


Izzy Gizmo Sheet
Ocean Emporium Colouring Page


Ice Cream Experiment
Bucket Experiment


Splashdown Poster


Borks – Find The Difference
Borks – Wordsearch
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