Apollo 12: A Pinpoint Landing on the Moon by Jerry Stone, FBIS

Speaker: Jerry Stone, FBIS
Date: 20th November 2019
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 20:30
Venue: BIS, 27/29 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SZ

Following the triumph of the first manned landing on the Moon, the next mission had a more specific goal – another spacecraft.  The unmanned Surveyor 3 landed on the Moon in April 1967 and the aim was to land close by. This would demonstrate a precision landing capability, a requirement in the future when a lunar base is set up.  However, Apollo 12 would also demonstrate that space missions aren’t easy, and the flight almost didn’t even make it to Earth orbit.

Jerry Stone is giving a presentation about every Apollo mission on its own 50th anniversary, having started in October 2018 with Apollo 7 and going through to December 2022, the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 17.  Join us for the sixth talk in this series, in which Jerry will also explain how he almost went to see the launch.

Once again, he’ll be using contemporary images and video, and bringing along 50-year-old newspapers and other materials relating to the Apollo program.

About the Speaker: 

Jerry Stone is well known as a space expert – especially on Apollo.  He will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of his first space talk, which he gave in November 1969. Now he does this for a living, running Spaceflight UK (www.spaceflight-uk.com), presenting space talks and activities all over the country. He is often interviewed on radio and TV.

He is also an author, and will have copies of “One Small Step” (£15), commemorating the Moon landings, as well as his new book, “Space Travel” (£7), which he will be happy to sign.



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