How Satellite Data is Helping Businesses Innovate

Space is closer than many people think.

Information collected from above helps us in our everyday lives, keeping us connected and preventing accidents down here on earth.

The power of this has been unlocked by many sectors, from agriculture to transport.

Time to dig a little deeper, here’s a closer look at how satellite data is helping businesses innovate.

Business From Above

Many companies are utilising the constant stream of data from space to benefit them in terms of efficiency.

For years, satellite information has given us a helping hand in our day to day lives, from predicting the weather to providing phone signal.

However, in recent years, this has been taken to the next level. Space data has the power to revolutionise a number of different industries – and businesses are jumping at the chance to grab hold of this.


Which Sectors are Most Affected?

Satellite data has transformed a number of different industries and sectors – some more obvious than others.


Data collected by satellites is being utilised in agriculture in a number of different ways. Many different businesses have used this data to devise innovations that have transformed the sector, making it more efficient (both in terms of output and finance).

Just one example of this is predicting annual crop yields. Space imagery can produce estimations that are highly accurate, helping farmers save on labour costs and allowing them to predict revenue figures. Previously, farmers have had to look to the weather for this information – which often turns out to be imprecise.

Businesses have also harnessed the power of satellite data to help enable autonomous vehicles. GPS-controlled tractor steering can allow for optimised routes, minimised soil erosion and improved crop yields. The mainstream adoption of this autonomous technology is yet to take hold, which presents an exciting opportunity for businesses and innovators alike. What’s next for these innovations?


Thanks to satellite data, transport is becoming smarter.

This means we can move around more quickly and efficiently, thanks to the adoption of modern technologies and innovative strategies.

Currently, different businesses across the globe are finding ways to revamp how we use public transport. Satellite technology will enable the maintenance of our buses and trains; sending signals from particular carriages that need attention.

Transport hubs, enabled by satellite data, will keep drivers and vehicles connected. Satellites can notice adverse weather conditions or accidents and instantly inform those who need to know. Alerting people to potentially hazardous situations can help avoid crashes, while allowing for rerouting to prevent delays.

Satellite data will also allow us to:

  • Receive rest signals
  • Manage pollution
  • Use delivery drones
  • Reduce loss or possible theft from shipping containers

The future is already happening now! Space data enables satellite navigation that helps us get around, as well as updating speed limits based on real-time events.

However, we’ve currently only scratched the surface of what this technology can do, which presents many exciting opportunities for businesses to take hold of. New innovations are revolutionising the way we get around, and the face of the transport sector will soon be unrecognisable.

Environmental Research

Satellites can predict deforestation or other environmental issues, allowing us to take preventative or corrective action. Planet is just one company that uses this technology for global monitoring, providing daily insights and accessible imagery.

Data collected from space can also help monitor annual growth patterns, for example in tropical plants. This is allowing researchers to fully understand previously unknown specimens.

Why Does Satellite Data Matter?

There are still many problems faced by a number of different sectors that impact our everyday lives. Satellite data has the power to change this.

From optimising shipping routes to making public transport more convenient and reliable, this technology has an abundance of benefits.

New ways to utilise it are being unlocked by innovators all the time! This allows different businesses to work and operate more efficiently.

What’s Next?

We’re not yet close to discovering the full power of space data.

Satellite companies collaborating can help unlock new opportunities and find new ways to revolutionise our day to day lives.




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