Interplanetary Podcast: #133 – Harriet Brettle – Roman God

This week we welcome The Interplanetary Podcast’s episode: #133 – Harriet Brettle – Roman God

Harriet Brettle

 I wondered had I really oversold the Hubble. I have to admit that, since, I have been convinced that I didn’t.
Nancy Roman

Old Favourite, Harriet Brettle who currently works at Astroscale in Harwell joins Matt and Jamie again for the whole show. Talking about her new work in space junk removal.

  • The “Mother of Hubble”  as opposed to Edwin Hubble who is the father of modern cosmology, who’s mother was Virginia Lee James!!!

  • Her dad was a scientist and her mother took her for evening strolls and taught her about the stars.

  • She formed an astronomy club at eleven years old.

  • Her first “encouragement” – the physics department chairman at her school said to her, “I usually try to talk women out of majoring in physics, but I think maybe you might make it.”

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