Interplanetary Podcast: #136 – Interplanetary Festival

This week we welcome The Interplanetary Podcast’s episode: #136 – Interplanetary Festival.

Interplanetary Podcast


We’ll all go on and make the place safe. Roads, cities. New sky, new soil. Until it’s all some kind of Siberia or Northwest Territories and Mars will be gone and we’ll be here, and we’ll wonder why we feel so empty. Why when we look at the land we can never see anything but our own faces.” 
Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars

This week’s guests at The Interplanetary Festival include Caitlin McShea and SFI President David Krakauer.


The Interplanetary Podcast, the weekly podcast that puts the ace back into space with Jamie Franklin and Matthew Russell. Featuring the weekly space news, top name interviews, regular guest David Baker with his spin on the month. Deep dives into space science topics, the space word of the week, mind-blowing space facts, Space mission run downs and special reports from space places around the globe.

The Interplanetary Podcast


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