Maker Faire Rome 2019


“Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition”

18 to 20 October 2019 – Seventh edition

Makers for Space!

Rome, 04 June 2019 – The 2019 edition of Maker Faire Rome ( will, once again, be hosting a large section orientated toward the aerospace sector, with the purpose of concentrating on the disciplines, activities, with relevant and arising realizations. The New Space Economy also reflects the proposals from research laboratories, universities and the ideas from small companies and private individuals who, more than ever, have the opportunity to contribute to the market economy and to creativity, who are the strong points in the development of the sector.

In this scope, Makers for Space, within Maker Faire Rome, is an exclusive platform, unique in Europe, to give voice to those who do innovations and creativity within the field of the aerospace sector.

Maker Faire Rome, the event in which it is possible to experience the digital revolution, which is changing the way in which we produce, and the way in which we live, also becomes the place to speak about innovation for economic returns for the investments in space. In this sector, concurrent with new technologies and those already proven over time, plus the ‘new entry’ to the sector – the accessing and utilization of the resources on the Moon, Mars and the asteroids, a source of new inspiration, challenges and proposals within the reach of Makers today.

The demonstration which has become, in just a few years, a fundamental reference point for startups, digital artisans, entrepreneurs is not alone, and can boast numbers of constant growth today, and the stage for the sector of always symbolizing the new frontier of humanity.

The Call for Makers to propose projects

Maker Faire Rome, via the Call for Makers, offers, therefore, the unique opportunity to present appropriate realizations and to discuss them within the dynamic and international context of the Maker Faire, in a special area given to Makers for Space. No other space-themed event allows the showing of projects, ideas and prototypes relating to this sector with direct access to the general public.

To be selected for the Makers for Space area, projects must be relevant to the aerospace sector and can be understood, also with educational aspects, demonstrated in science and technology relevant to the sector. For the inherent interdisciplinary aspect which it characterizes, every discipline can be said to be practically involved: engineering, physics, life sciences, chemistry, astronomy, and others. The amateur side will be particularly valued, as in the pure artistic expression inspired by the sector. School projects inspired by the sector may also be shown in this area.

Particular care will be devoted to Italian Space, with its launch technologies and its satellite technologies for telecommunications and remote sensing. Because of their importance in superseding terrestrial infrastructures (to build equivalent communications systems) and the continuous monitoring of our planet, these technologies will be illustrated through demos and educational training.

Like last year, a part of the Makers for Space area will be dedicated towards an exhibition itinerary which, this year, will deal with the theme of the human exploration of Mars and, in particular, the role of Makers, as well as the mentality which Makers in the first permanent settlements on the Red Planet will have. There is no doubt that the human exploration of Mars as achievable in practice and, above all, that the presence of abundant local resources will allow an entire community to live in this new frontier. It will, therefore, also be the objective to collect the experiences, inventions, innovations and knowledge which will have practical application within this new context. Within the scope of this theme will be also the retracing of the steps of those who have brought us to better understand the Red Planet, explaining the evolution of technologies for the exploration of the Solar System and important discoveries made by Italian instruments will be illustrated.

Regarding the exhibition area, the British Interplanetary Society, which will be responsible for, and coordinate the contents of the whole section, plan to retrace the history of Mars exploration up to the most recent projects, and will conceive, or collaborate towards creating individual one-of-a-kind installations.

All projects need to be proposed through the Call for Makers by 24 June 2019. The selected ones will be able to participate to Maker Faire 2019 for free. All information about the Call is available here:

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“Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition”, organised by Innova Camera, a special Company within the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Rome, it is an event that joins enterprises, science, technology education, manufacturing, craftsmanship, food, agriculture, mobilising the world of Makers and innovators, together with companies, start-ups, universities and research centres.

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