The Tale of Tecwyn Roberts

A new BBC Wales documentary will be airing on the 18th July on BBC One Wales at 10.35pm (and available on BBC iPlayer).

Tudur Owen

Presented by Radio Wales broadcaster and comedian Tudur Owen, the film, Rocket Man: NASA’s Welsh Hero is part of the BBC’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landings and tells Tecwyn Roberts’ tale who was a shy boy born in Anglesey and went on to become one of NASA’s best brains, designed Houston’s mission control and won NASA’s most prestigious award after developing the technology needed to put man on the moon.

When Neil Armstrong made his giant step, the billions watching it on TV had a Welshman to thank for seeing him do it – a Welshman who had been a major part of the space mission story.

Tecwyn Roberts’ story is told for the first time in a new documentary presented by comedian and BBC Radio Cymru presenter Tudur Owen.  Tudur said, “Tec Roberts’ story is incredible and I feel so privileged to be finally able to tell it to the people of Wales.”

Tudur Owen in Mission Control

Becoming NASA’s first Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO), Tecwyn was instrumental in the Apollo missions and Tudur travels to America to find out more about him. He talks exclusively to three of his former colleagues and fellow engineering legends – including former Director of the Johnson Space Center, Christopher Colombus Kraft Jr – who emphasise the integral role Roberts played in putting man on the moon.

The documentary features remastered NASA archive footage from the time to showcase mankind’s finest achievement and celebrate the little known engineer from Llanddaniel Fab and his part in making history.

Tecwyn is sitting down and is along with another NASA engineering legend Glynn Lunney, standing

Tudur quotes, “This humble and gifted man from Anglesey is regarded by NASA as one of the pioneers of manned space flight. My mission is to make sure that his work and legacy is recognised here in Wales. I am so excited to be able to tell Tec Roberts’ story. The whole world knows about the moon landing but only a select few know about the crucial role this unassuming and gifted Welshman played in mankind’s greatest achievement.”

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