Women In Space

Manned space flight has only been possible through trials and errors, inspiring stories and terrible tragedies. Many men and women bravely pulled through it all in order to take humankind up above the sky.

You may know the famous stories of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Tim Peak. But do you know about Valentina Tereshkova, Sally Ride or Helen Sharman? Do you know how their work contributed to space exploration and to our return to the moon within the next few years?

Today, StarLust delves into the stories of 6 female astronauts that inspired the world from above the clouds.  Here at the British Interplanetary Society we are really happy to be able to promote these pockets of information which we have been informed of and very much support the diversity aspect of these other website posts.  To read the stories of the female astronauts, please click here.

About the Author:

Tom Urbain has been obsessed with space since a very young age. He runs a modest website dedicated to sharing that passion. StarLust was born from a simple idea: to make space, astronomy, stargazing knowledge more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone. They don’t aspire to turn our readers into rocket scientists, but to simply offer interesting content to people, like themselves, with a keen interest in astronomy but very little technical background.

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