Apollo 50th Anniversary Forum Thread

Following on from such a momentous occasion, share on the BIS Forum your memories of the Apollo missions, and connect with your fellow members.

Were you in America at the time, to view the launch? Were you involved with N.A.S.A., or one of its sub-contractors? Did  Apollo ignite a lifetime of interest in space?

Were you one of the many thousands who stayed up all night to watch Apollo 11’s landing and Moonwalk, guided by the dulcet tones of Cliff Mitchelmore  James Burke and the rapid-fire delivery of Patrick Moore (or whisper it softly – did you watch I.T.V.)?

If you were abroad from the U.K., did you catch the local broadcasts and what did you make of it all? For all our international members, what were the highlights of the coverage you received? Did you have your own version of Mr Moore to enlighten your knowledge? Was it all worth the effort, as we are 50 years and counting for a return visit? Has the reality since lived up to your imagination. Remember this resource has a time limit and must close on the 18th December 2022 then you will have to wait until 11th October 2028 when we all go again for the 60th.

Head to our Forum now to tell us your tales of Apollo. 




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