Space Day 2019

Date: 5th October 2019
Start Time: 10:30
End Time: 16:00
Venue: The Hive, Sawmill Walk, The Butts, Worcester, WR1 3PD

Space Day


Exhibitors Confirmed So Far!

1          Immersive Experience – Planetarium
2          Daden Limited – Virtual Reality
3          Astro Info Service (AIS) – Presentations and books on all aspects of Spaceflight
4          Robin Brand – Author – Britain’s First Space Rocket
5          BIS – British Interplanetary Society – West Midlands Branch – Organisers of Space Day!
6          Rocket Propulsion Establishment Westcott
7          Roxel (UK Rocket Motors) Ltd – Research, Design, Development & Manufacture of Solid Propellant Rocket Motors
8          UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS/UWE)
9          Summerfield Old Boys & Girls – Retired employees association from Roxel
10        Spaceflight UK – Jerry Stone Space Speaker and Educator
11        Wolverhampton University
12        European Astro Pi
13        Bromsgrove Astronomical Society
14        Go Space Watch Incorporating Midlands Spaceflight Society
15        Black Knights – Hobby Rocket Flying Club
16        I4IS – Initiative for Interstellar Studies
17        David A Hardy – Space Artist
18        IoP – Institute of Physics
19        Tim Treadwell Author Astronomy Adventures/Vacations
20        Blue Streak Exhibition
21        I Mech E
22        Colin Price – Principal Lecturer in Computing Uni. of Worcester
23        Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
24        Carmen Capuano – Author and Screenwriter
25        European Space Agency (ESA)
26        RAF Fylingdales – Missile Warning & Space Debris Tracking
27        UK Space Labs
28        Robin Hector – Apollo in the Papers
29        Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford
30        MSG Meteorites
31        Birmingham Astronomical Society (UK)
32        Phil Mills Spaceflight Special Interest Group – Model Display
33        Christopher J Baddiley – Astronomy
34        Space Queens Documentary Directed by Adam Smith
35        The Hive
36        Liverpool John Moores University- Astrophysics Research Institute
37        UK Space Agency
38        CGI – World Leading Space and Ground Segment Software
39        Space Boosters – Online Store for space memorabilia and collectables
40        InspireSpace CIC
41        Telespazio VEGA UK (TPZV UK)



Planetarium Shows – In the Atrium!

Immersive Experiences, the UK’s multi-awarding planetarium will be bringing their 360° Digital 3D VR planetarium to the Hive, where audiences can enjoy the stunning sky outside our city, fly through the universe and learn what it’s like to become an astronaut with our expert astronomer.

Time 10.30 – 11.10 Run by “Immersive Experience” – Adults £5.00 Children £4.00
Time 11.30 – 12.10 Run by “Immersive Experience” – Adults £5.00 Children £4.00
Time 12.30 – 13.10 Run by “Immersive Experience” – Adults ££5.00 Children £4.00
Time 13.30 – 14.10 Run by “Immersive Experience” – Adults ££5.00 Children £4.00
Time 14.30 – 15.10 Run by “Immersive Experience” – Adults £5.00 Children £4.00

Book (advised) your tickets at: 


Virtual Reality walks on the Moon and Mars

Visit the Daden stand and take a virtual reality walk on the Earth’s Moon, Mars or possibly another planets moon!

Pilot a Soyuz spaceship to the International Space Station

Visit the British Interplanetary Society stand and try your hand at piloting a Soyuz and docking at the International Space Station.


Find out about Space Temperatures

The view from a thermal imaging camera will be projected onto a projector screen to show temperatures of people and their surroundings also with dry ice and bubbles. This will explore space and the temperatures within space.


Investigate Cosmic Radiation and Anti-Radiation Materials

Explore cosmic radiation through a hands-on activity where people can come along and have a go at using ultraviolet torches and different materials to see which materials can block UV light using pellets which glow when they have been excited by UV rays. This will explore the effects of UV rays and radiation and why anti-radiation materials are important especially for astronauts. This is similar to the experiment astronaut Tim Peake did with schools.


Explore Plants and Food in Space

Explore plants in space and food in space. To do this we will be creating our own bio-domes, mimicking what would be used in space to recreate the conditions. We will also provide the people attending with their own do it at-home kits which will contain a tube filled with agar and a plant seed which will mimic a bio-dome. This will, of course, come with all instructions, ingredients and allergies listed and safety instructions!


Science Busking

The Science busking equipment is simple “home science” experiments that people may not have done before, such as the “duck cups” or the baking tray piano and optical illusions.


Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Hold meteorites and moonrock for yourself, program small robots to navigate around a moon map, help you discover how we investigate the moon, and enable you to imagine living on the moon!

50 years since people first walked on the moon & we’re still discovering more about it 

Participants will be able to see and hold our meteorites – including a lunar meteorite – and examine them using a small digital microscope. We’ll be talking about our work to continue exploration of the moon – from space missions with RAL Space, to using the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, one of our particle accelerators, to investigate materials we could use to build safe lunar habitats. Children will be able to imagine and draw themselves on the moon – together with the things they would bring with them – and add their drawings to our moonscape. We will also have small robots – Bee-Bots – which participants can program to navigate around our moon map.


Space Rovers

Design and build your very own Space rover! Use K’nex to construct a rover, attach a handmade rocket and get ready for launch. Fire across the ground to check the suitability of your design and adapt as you go to see how far your rover travels! Whilst you create your rover, think about the different forces in motion and the effect they may have on your launch.


Space Selfies Booth

Ever wondered what it would be like to appear as an Astronaut or even an Alien come along to level 0 in the Hive at any time and take a photo or two!

Space themed colouring sheets, puzzles and Sci/Fi masks.

For younger children, The Hive will be having some Space themed colouring sheets, puzzles and some Sci-Fi masks (subject to availability). Situated by the Pod on level 0.


Rocket Motor Static Firings!

Hourly – 12.00 – 16.00 Run by British Interplanetary Society – West Midlands Branch, Rocket Propulsion Establishment Westcott and Summerfield Old Boys.

This is your chance to fire a rocket motor and record its performance on video via your phone.



Programmable Robots!

 Try your hand at programming a robot courtesy of CGI.

Bridge Building!

Bridge Building and its relevance to Agile Software development courtesy of CGI.


Careers Tour

Meet at the Space Day Welcome (Meet and Greet) desk in the Atrium.

A STEM ambassador will guide you through the relevant stands of companies, universities, and advocate organizations. Start making contacts and discuss your career aspirations with those in the industry. Ask advice and find out what the Space Industry needs.

Tours are 30 mins long and start at 13.10, 14.10 & 15.10.


Film in the Studio!

Studio capacity 65 seats please come early to make sure you get a seat!

Time 11.00 – 11.25 – Space Queens – The Women Behind the First

Men – Directed by Adam Smith

Space Queens takes an in-depth look at the women behind Apollo 11 and the next generation inspired by the historical, monumental event, to pursue careers in Aerospace.

Please Note – You can book seats (advised) at: Space Queens (Space Day 2019) Booking


Talks in Room 3 Room 3: Capacity 30 seats!


Time 12.30 – 13.40

Speaker – David A. Hardy, FBIS, FIAAA. David is the longest- established astronomical (space) artist on Planet Earth, having been first published in 1952!

Talk – “Artists in Space: The Early Years”

For most people, the earliest astronomical art was by Chesley Bonestell (USA) and R. A. (Ralph) Smith of the BIS. But there were space artists much earlier than others, such as Scriven Bolton, James Nasmyth, Charles Bittinger and Howard Russell Butler, to name a few. This talk contains many rare examples, which the audience may never have seen before, along with the story of space art from its earliest days. They include impressions of the Moon and all of the then-known planets – some more imaginative than others!

Please come early to make sure you get a seat or you can book seats (advised) at: David Hardy talk – “Artists in Space: the early years”- suitable for adults Booking


Time 14.00 – 15.00

Speaker – Dave Shayler of Astro Info Service (AIS)

Talk – “At Home In Space”

Ever wanted to know the secrets of Eating, drinking, going to the toilet and even being sick in space then this is the talk for you!
Please come early to make sure you get a seat or you can book seats (advised) at: David Shayler talk- “How to live in Space” suitable for adults and children 12+ Booking


Time 15.15 – 16.00

Speaker – Robin Brand – Chair of the British Interplanetary Society – Technical Committee

Talk – “Britain’s First Space Rocket”

Britain’s First Space Rocket, the first full account of the UK’s earliest space vehicle, a fascinating and largely untold story of how the Skylark became the first British rocket to reach space and was the basis of the UK’s earliest space programme, launching hundreds of experiments into space to study the Earth, the Sun and the stars.

Please come early to make sure you get a seat or you can book seats (advised) at: Space Day Talk “Britain’s first Space Rocket” Booking




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