Current Topics In Rocket Propulsion 2


When research into rocketry recommenced in the UK in the mid 1930’s it was primarily military funded and hence classified. Little information was made available to the general public about UK rocket research and the classified conferences, symposia etc this remained the case right up to the end of the 20th century!

However, “The Times they are a changing!”

Unclassified Rocket Propulsion activity at Westcott (The former Rocket Propulsion Establishment and in its day one of the most secretive sites in the UK) is expanding and the government is pushing the Space sector as a major economic growth area of the UK economy.

To celebrate the increase in activity at Westcott and after the success of the first conference in 2018 it has been decided to run a second open source conference covering some current topics in near term rocket propulsion.

The West Midlands Branch of the British Interplanetary Society is organising the daylong conference with the aim of showcasing current UK rocket research to BIS members, academia and interested members of the public.

If you/your organisation would like to present a paper at the conference please e-mail – [email protected] for further info.

Be sociable; support the BIS!