To the South Pole with Buzz Aldrin by Nigel Henbest

Date: 15th January 2020
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 20:30
Venue: BIS, 27/29 South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SZ

In 2016, Nigel was among a select group of 12 explorers who travelled to the South Pole with Moon-walking astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

His talk reveals the challenges of living in Antarctica, in habitat modules that Buzz likened to a Mars colony, and where Buzz discussed his plans to travel to the Red Planet using his unique Mars Cycler concept. Nigel also recounts the group’s adventures in rock-climbing above the frozen ocean and in exploring deep ice-caves, culminating in the gruelling expedition to the South Pole itself – where Buzz was airlifted out to safety. With stunning images and videos, Nigel paints a vivid picture of what it’s like to experience the most remote and inhospitable location on Earth.

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About the Speaker:

Professor Nigel Henbest, FRAS, is an award-winning writer and television producer, specialising in space and astronomy.

Nigel studied astrophysics at Leicester University and researched in radio astronomy at Cambridge. He is now a prolific science communicator, with 40 books and 1000 articles translated into 17 languages. His books include The History of Astronomy, The Space Encyclopedia, The Universe Explained and – most recently – Philip’s Stargazing 2020.

Nigel’s 60+ television credits include Challenger: Countdown to Disaster, How the Universe Works and Black Holes. A former Astronomy Consultant on New Scientist magazine, Nigel has also been Editor of the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, media consultant to the Royal Greenwich Observatory and presenter of the BBC Radio 4 science quiz The Litmus Test.

Nigel is signed up as Future Astronaut 245 with Virgin Galactic and has already undertaken his astronaut training in the centrifuge and on the zero-gravity flight (‘Vomit Comet’). In 2016, he travelled to the South Pole with Buzz Aldrin.

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