This Month in SpaceFlight – February 2020

White Knight or White Elephant?: David Baker looks at the future for the International Space Station – does it have one? – and the new vehicles that may yet service it.

Reflections from the Kuiper: Belt Alan Stern, Principal Investigator on the New Horizons spacecraft tells of how the spacecraft is heading on out into the interstellar depths beyond Pluto, of its encounter with Arrokoth, a Kuiper Belt object, and something of the textbook-changing knowledge that has been gained.

Ticket to Ride: David Baker tells us about the Boeing Starliner capsule, which will be the first US crew-carrying spacecraft for over a decade.

Designs for Living on Another World: BIS fellow Mark Yates visits London’s Design Museum, for the “Moving to Mars” exhibition, on ways to “Arrive, Survive, and Thrive” on the Red Planet.

Journey to a Chaotic Moon: Dwayne A. Day looks at Trident, a proposal for a low-cost un-crewed mission to Neptune’s moon Triton.

North Stars: David Todd sends his report from RISpace 2019, in Belfast, with exciting developments in British spaceports; Alistair Scott gives us the winners of the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards, whilst telling us of the Gala Dinner.


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