David Jason talks about Space and Space Art in his Great British Inventions series

In 2019 Sir David Jason together with Wise Owl Films made the Great British Inventions series now being shown on More4

Sir David is very passionate about celebrating Britain’s great innovators and pioneers in this series and the hope it may inspire future generations to pursue their goals. We are very excited that the BIS story is featured as part of this series.

“David Jason’s Great British Inventions” is a More4 series celebrating the ingenious inventors and pioneers who have transformed our world.  “From the jet engine and the hovercraft…to the television and telephone…from the vacuum cleaner…to the world wide web.  Incredible pieces of technology it’s hard to imagine our world without – and they were all invented right here in Great Britain.

Each of the four episodes is themed – and one episode looks at inventions based around Flight – from George Cayley’s Glider and Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine, to Britain’s quest to conquer space.  During research, Wise Owl Films came across the fascinating story of the British Interplanetary Society’s Lunar Spaceship project of the 1930s and they felt this was a fantastic story to tell as part of this series.

Sir David Jason has a genuine interest in space exploration and is a keen amateur rocketeer who builds and launches his own rockets as a hobby, so the story very much resonates with him and he’s keen to bring the work of BIS to a wider audience.

The episode featuring Flight and Space is being aired on Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 9pm on More4.

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