Council Nominations 2020

The Council of the BIS form the Trustees of the organisation.  They are are responsible for ensuring that the organisation fulfils it’s obligations stipulated in the Constitution of the Society and Council must ensure that the Society remains relevant, forward thinking and to guide the organisation through changes needed to achieve it’s aims.  A member of the Society who has been a Fellow for at least three years can nominate themselves for election to be a Council member.

Council members do not have to hold any particular specialisation but we expect them to take some responsibility of guidance of the Committees run mainly by volunteers, cross links between them and informing them of relevant decisions made by Council.  As in any organisation we look for candidates with a professional outlook and who will be able to follow through any actions assigned to them, and therefore a certain amount of time is required.  Council meetings are held roughly every six weeks and if they hold a particular area of expertise or interest, may be asked to input into the Finance and General Purpose (F&GP) committee which oversees the Finance and Operations of the Society to support and guide the Executive Secretary.

Council nomination forms are obtainable from the Executive Secretary or downloaded here.

These must be completed and returned not later than 9th May 2020. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, the election will be by secret ballot. Voting papers will be prepared and circulated to all Corporate Members (Fellows), to be submitted to the Executive Secretary by post, by email or at the AGM if attending in person.

This year’s AGM meeting is at 1.00pm on Saturday 1 August 2020 at Aerospace Bristol, Hayes Way, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5BZ. Fellows can register their attendance here. Please note that if you want to also take part in the Summer Get-Together, you must also buy a ticket on our e-shop here.

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