Executive Secretary Vacancy

Due to the resignation of Gill Norman, our current Executive Secretary, we have started the search for someone to fill this challenging role.  Gill has worked very hard over the last four years to continue to modernise and strengthen the society so that we can move forward, ensuring that we are a modern and relevant organisation for the long term future.

We are using Reed for the recruitment of the role, given the expertise that they have and because we really need to reach far and wide for a candidate willing to continue the challenge that Gill has been working through over these last four years.

The role is being advertised on Reed’s website here where any potential candidates should apply.  The selection has already started and we are keen to recruit the right candidate as soon as possible so that there is a long enough handover period, allowing business as usual to continue seamlessly.

We would like to thank Gill for the time that she has given to the organisation and to what many appears as an effortless contribution where Gill has worked tirelessly, giving up many hours and working above and beyond what was expected for this role.  Bringing significant change to the Society so far has been a huge challenge but this change is clearly visible to many, and without Gill this never would have happened.

We all wish Gill the best for her future roles and am sure that she will stay a committed Fellow of the society and we will see her frequently.


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