This Month in SpaceFlight – April 2020

The need for Speed: Later this year, astronauts aboard the ISS will install a device, the size of a domestic refrigerator, which will enable near-real-time communication of data from experiments with Earth.

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun: Scott Hatton and John Sealander tell us about the Solar Orbiter probe, designed to orbit the Sun at low altitude, and study the interaction between our star and the charged particles blown out by the solar wind.

Saved by the Book: Dr Michael Warner relates how Lunar Module checklists, much annotated, helped bring Apollo 13 home.

When in Rome: Davide Coco attended the first New Space Economy European ExpoForum, and brings back this report about collaboration and cooperation in the emerging opportunities in space.

A Sting in the Tale: Dr David Baker looks at Scorpion, a multi-role crew-carrying spacecraft designed by BIS Past President Mark Hempsell – and Griffith Ingram interviews Mark about the purpose of this study project and the reasons for some of the design choices.

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