This Quarter in Space Chronicle: April 2020


Say “Hello!” to the new-look SPACE CHRONICLE, with a brand new design and features on rockets and spacecraft, early politics and space infrastructures, and human and robotic operations!
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Happy Birthday Hubble by Mike Bryce: The history of NASA’s iconic telescope, its problems, and the four servicing missions that led to triumphant success.




A Shot In The Dark by Philip Mills: Why did the Chinese lunar lander Chang’e 4 land in Von Kármán Crater? The intriguing historical and political implications are revealed.



Little Big Ship by Dwayne A. Day: The USS McNorris, a Destroyer Escort built to hunt Russian submarines during the Cold War, turned to hunting stranger prey – Soviet spacecraft.



Brief Encounters by Vadim Zakirov, Alan Perera-Webb, Gerald Maurice Webb and Constantine Milyaev: Nuclear power held great promise for the Soviet Union’s satellites – but the risks were too great.



Once in a Blue Moon? By Brian Harvey: Japan was the third country to reach the Moon but its lunar programme subsequently fell back; however, the Japanese have not given up on their lunar hopes.




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