Leave a Gift to the BIS in your Will

Have you thought about leaving a legacy to the BIS in your will? Your donation could provide much needed funds to help the Society in its charitable objective and mission:

The British Interplanetary Society promotes the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity, by connecting people to create, educate and inspire, and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics.

Your generosity will contribute to the pioneering work of the Society, which, founded in 1933, is the longest-established organisation solely devoted to promoting astronautics and space exploration.

Any amount, large or small, will ensure the BIS is able to continue its important work well into the future. The Society is funded almost entirely by our Members and legacies make a vital contribution to our operation (or ‘our ability to operate effectively).

If you are a Member or Fellow and feel that the Society matters to you, please consider us in your will. We would be very grateful.

A gift to the Society may help to reduce the inheritance tax on your estate. Inheritance Tax is only due if your estate (including any assets held in trust and gifts made within seven years of death) is valued over the current Inheritance Tax threshold of £325,000.

The tax is payable at 40 per cent on the amount over this threshold or 36 per cent if the estate qualifies for a reduced rate as a result of a larger 10% charitable donation.

All charitable gifts (including gifts in wills to the British Interplanetary Society) are exempt of inheritance tax. For more information visit www.hmrc.gov.uk and consult your solicitor.

There is no need to tell us of your decision to include the BIS in your will, but you would be very welcome to contact us as we would be very pleased to have the opportunity to thank you for your generous gift.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7735 3160, email us at [email protected], or write to us at the address below.

Thank you.

Gerry Webb
President, The British Interplanetary Society
Sir Arthur C Clarke House
27/29 South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1SZ

Registered Charity Number 250556

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