This month in JBIS: April 2020

Special issue: Putting Astronauts in Impossible Locations: Mark Hempsell introduces this special edition of JBIS, based around the theme of human-crewed spaceflight to distant and extreme environments.

Conceptual Design of a Crewed Platform in the Venusian Atmosphere: Markus Grass, Marius Schwinning & Reinhold Ewald: Two teams compete to produce designs to enable astronauts to hover in the skies of Venus for a protracted stay, with details of accommodation, life support, and return-to-orbit vehicle.

Missions to The Edge of the Visible: Stephen Baxter looks at how missions to Saturn have been portrayed in science fiction, with some plausible examples, and some less so.

The Prospects for Human Expansion into the Solar System:
Bob Parkinson shows us some of the problems concerning travel to and colonisation of the outer solar system, with possible solutions.

Fast Transits in The Solar System using Nuclear Electric Systems: Bob Parkinson explains how specific power plant mass is the key to rapid transportation between the planets, and takes the example of a one-year transit to Jupiter to illustrate this.

Cycler Links Between Earth and The Gas Giant Planets 1: Trajectories: Stephen Ashworth examines the use of “cycler stations” for travel to Jupiter and Saturn, and takes a first look at suitable repeating orbits.




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