This Quarter in Space Chronicle: July 2020


Say “Hello!” to the new-look SPACE CHRONICLE, with a brand new design and features on rockets and spacecraft, early politics and space infrastructures, and human and robotic operations!
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Apollo Portable Life Support System
Image: NASA

Life Support: Mark Yates looks at the Apollo Portable Life Support System backpack, a dozen of which reside on the lunar surface to this day, and which underwent continual development

Stepping into the past: Bert Vis examines the possibilities for space archaeology, considers how future generations will look back on the pioneering era of spaceflight, and how historic sites in space can be preserved for posterity.

Time Peace: Philippe Corneille takes time to tell us how a Swiss Omega watch became the timepiece of choice for Russian cosmonauts.

Museum Space: Samuel Benjamin tours a museum, on the famous “Route 66”, celebrating aerospace history and the career of Apollo astronaut Tom Stafford.

Fire in the Hole: Alan Lawrie tells us about the acceptance testing, fifty years ago this autumn, of the final Saturn V first stage.

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