BIS West Midlands Branch Talks

The West Midlands Branch Presents Optimum Interplanetary Trajectory Software’, from Interplanetary to Interstellar By Adam Hibberd.

Speaker:       Adam Hibberd

Date:              Saturday 21st November 2020

Start Time:   14:00

End Time:     15:15

Venue:          Via Zoom

How do you get a spacecraft from Earth to another celestial body in the solar system? An obvious answer is directly, such as missions to Mars, like the Mars Insight Lander launched in 2018. However, for certain missions, a sequence of planetary encounters may allow for higher spacecraft masses – an example of this is the Cassini spacecraft to Saturn.

Amongst other things, Adam Hibberd is a software engineer who has worked in the aerospace industry and this is a talk about his ‘Optimum Interplanetary Trajectory Software’, OITS, the general principles and its application. He developed it on his own and it turned out to be quite a powerful tool, particularly to solve the problem of sending spacecraft to intercept interstellar objects, ‘Oumuamua and Borisov.

Speaker – Adam Hibberd

Adam lives in Coventry and has a BSc Joint Honours in Physics and Maths from Keele University. He has worked as a software engineer in the aerospace industry, on the European satellite launch vehicle, Ariane 4 – in particular regard to the Flight Program, its Guidance algorithm, real-time testing and post flight analysis. He currently works as a researcher for the ‘Initiative for Interstellar Studies’. He is also a fine pianist and composer, a member of the musical trio ‘Superheroes Dream’ who have produced a vinyl on the Coventry Tin Angel Record Label.



  • 13:55 – The meeting is available to join
  • 14:00 – Welcome
  • 14:05- Optimum Interplanetary Trajectory Software’, from Interplanetary to Interstellar By Adam Hibberd
  • 14:35 – Questions and Answers (we enable everyone’s microphone to allow an interactive Q&A session)

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