‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ – An Introduction to Spacecraft Mission Orbits

British Interplanetary Society Evening Lecture

Date for Live Q&A:   Wednesday 2 September 2020

Venue: Streamed for Public Viewing

Title: ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ – An Introduction to Spacecraft Mission Orbits

Speaker: Dr. John Davies, FBIS



Dr. John Davies will introduce some basic concepts of spacecraft orbits and then go on to explore the pros and cons of each for various types of scientific missions. Although Earth observation, communications and navigation satellites will be mentioned, the talk will concentrate on orbits for astronomical spacecraft. These range from the Hubble Space Telescope in its low Earth orbit to the flotilla of complex astronomical missions at the L2 Lagrangian point which will be joined by the James Webb Space Telescope next year.


Biography: Dr. John Davies

John at the Black Arrow unveiling near Edinburgh last year

John Davies is an astronomer at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh. He has worked with several astronomical satellites, including the Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite (IRAS), and used many large ground-based telescopes for his research programme on comets and asteroids.  John is the author of five books, including Astronomy from Space which reviews the design and operation of orbiting observatories.  He joined the BIS in the early 1970s.

For more detail see www.roe.ac.uk/~jkd/bio.html.




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