This Month In Spaceflight: September 2020

Buyer beware: Sara Langston points out the risks of commercial sub-orbital spaceflight, and sounds a warning note with regard to dangers and problems that may not yet be apparent.

Rooms with a view: Tony Quine reports on plans to send space tourists into orbit, to the International Space station aboard a Soyuz, and to an even higher orbit aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft. Yet another company plans to fly tourists to the ISS aboard Crew Dragon – there is even talk of shooting a movie in space!

Wealth without limits: Dr Stephen Cutts looks at the possibilities of space mining, terraforming, and settlement, pointing out the difficulties, and the fact that settling some areas of Earth would be easier – but ends with the allure of new worlds beyond.

Watch this space: New British Interplanetary Society Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Anderson speaks with UK 2020 World Space Week Co-ordination Manager Vix Southgate about the history of World Space Week, how Vix herself got involved, what BIS members can do to help, and the challenges of holding this massive celebration in this time of pandemic.

In Other News: UK Saves OneWeb: The government makes a deal with the beleaguered satellite company, in a controversial move; Big EU Budget Cuts: European Union reduces space spending; Russian “Space Weapon” Test: The potential threat, and an appeal for calm; NASA HQ Renamed: Washington headquarters renamed for Mary W Jackson, one of the “Hidden Figures” women; Not Just for Astronauts: The UK Space agency celebrate their tenth anniversary by awarding students prizes in the SatelLife competition; Boeing Starliner problems; Fires on the Sun; New Skynet contract for Airbus Stevenage; United Arab Emirates and China launch Mars probes.

Regular Features: Mat Irvine celebrates the forty-fifth anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Test project by looking at models of the spacecraft; Henry Philp looks at Ariane 5 in Kerbal space Program; Obituary for former Energia boss Yevgeny Mikrin; ISS Report tells of the test flight of Crew Dragon astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the Station, as Expedition 63 complete their third month aboard; Satellite Digest: the latest launches; Book Review on China in Space – The Great Leap Forward by Brian Harvey, Reports on BIS lectures on the Smith-Ross Moonsuit and the “BIS von Karman Line Buster.”








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