The Development of Dawn Aerospace’s Spaceplanes

Date/Time of Q&A (Zoom): 28 Oct 2020  at 1900GMT

Speaker: Jeroen Wink, CEO and Co-Founder, Dawn Aerospace

Dawn Aerospace, founded in 2016 by graduates from Delft University’s ‘record-breaking Stratos II sounding rocket’ design team, is developing a radically different small launch vehicle to cater for the high frequency, dedicated, low-cost needs of the emerging small satellite market.  Is Dawn’s rapidly reusable ‘gas and go’ spaceplane the answer?                                              

Jeroen Wink is the CEO and Co-founder of Dawn Aerospace. He obtained his MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, with his thesis focused on the development of disruptive spacecraft propellant. Jeroen led the DARE team of 40 engineers in the Stratos II sounding rocket project, successfully designing and executing its record-breaking launch. He now heads teams across both the Netherlands and New Zealand, designing, building and integrating high performance green bi-propellant propulsion products for small and large satellites. The company is delivering the world’s first alternative to hydrazine-based propulsion products and is in the development of a fully reusable “gas-and-go” space plane, for small payload launches.


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