The British Interplanetary Society Needs You!

Led by:          The Committee of the West Midlands Branch

Date:              Saturday 9th January 2021

Start Time:   14:00

End Time:     15:15

Venue:          via Zoom

Are you a BIS Member/Fellow?

If not why – whats stopping you?


This is your chance to chat to BIS Fellows/Members and let us know what you want from the society and its branches.

You are invited to an afternoon of chat and ideas about the future of the BIS and its branches. Nothing is set in stone, and we want your ideas.

This is your opportunity to shape a programme of compelling events that excite and engage you after COVID.

On the day, you will see the results of our surveys, and you can say whether you like the ideas presented or have your own ideas.  Nothing is ruled out!

At the end of the afternoon, a summary of all the ideas, reactions, and other inputs will be compiled.  You can help us rank them, and help set our agenda for the future.  The branch will then see what/how and whether we can resource those events applicable. All info compiled will be forwarded onto BIS Headquarters to enable them to set the BIS path for the future!

The floor, so to speak, is open to you at this event to HAVE YOUR SAY on the future direction of the BIS and its branches.

Register today!



  • 13:55 – The meeting is available to join
  • 14:00 – Welcome
  • 14:05 – THE BRITISH INTERPLANETARY SOCIETY NEEDS YOU! (we will enable everyone’s microphone to allow an interactive session)

So, here’s the Plan/Joining Instructions!

  1. Register for the Talk using the link below
  3. Before the event, we will send you an email with the joining link for the meeting.
  4. On the day, click meeting link (and follow the on-screen instructions to install Zoom if prompted)

Please Note

The Conference Call will be recorded (which may capture your name, picture, voice or video) and made available via the West Midlands Facebook group and possibly via the BIS HQ website. You consent to this by registering for the Conference Call/Q & A sessions.

Be sociable; support the BIS!