This Month in JBIS September 2020

A Simple Rocket Based Combined Cycle Engine for Advanced Launch Vehicles: Lucas Beveridge: This paper describes a proposal for a hybrid ramjet engine, and its use in hypothetical single-stage and two-stage to orbit vehicles, with mass estimates and trajectory simulations to estimate payload fractions compared to the Venturestar and Falcon-9 vehicles.


Commercial Off-Planet Communication and Navigation Services: Charles Cranstoun et al: The commercial opportunity exists for Europe to assume a leading role in the provision of extraterrestrial communication and navigation services. The lunar satellite Pathfinder will offer communication services to polar and Farside missions to the Moon, enabling mass savings on the communications equipment on such spacecraft, which can instead be devoted to scientific payloads or to cost savings. Lunar Pathfinder can be developed into a circumlunar constellation offering additional communication availability and capacity, and navigation capabilities.

Avionics System Architecture Selection for Commercial Spaceplane Certification and Operations: Matthew Douglas: In the next decade, a requirement will arise for avionics suites for spaceplanes capable of meeting the anticipated airworthiness requirements expected to be mandated by regulatory agencies. This paper applies decision-making techniques to the selection of the most suitable architecture and recommends such an architecture for a reference spaceplane.


Robust Asteroid Impact Mitigation by Viral Infection-Induced Exocytosis: Alex Ellery: A number of methods have been proposed for deflection or destruction of a near-Earth asteroid, most of which require the deployment of high-energy devices and/or the launch of high-mass payloads. This paper proposes that self-replicating machines to disassemble an asteroid might be a better solution in terms of payload size and short warning time capability.

JBIS Vol 73 No 09 – September 2020

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