BIS Silver Astronaut Pin

Introduced in 2009, this BIS silver pin award recognises the achievement of UK- born individuals who have undertaken a spaceflight into full Earth orbit. The list includes those astronauts born in the UK, plus others having dual UK citizenship. In order of the actual award ceremony date, the current list is:

  • Dr. Helen Sharman (Soyuz TM-12/TM11, 1991). Award made 3rd November 2009
  • Richard Garriott de Cayeux ( Soyuz TMA-13/TMA-12, 2008). Award made 3rd November 2009
  • Dr. Piers Sellers (STS-112, 2002) (STS-121,2006) (STS-132, 2010). Award made 8th December 2010
  • Dr. Nicholas Patrick (STS-116,2006) (STS-130, 2010). Award made 21st November 2011
  • Dr. Michael Foale  (STS-45, 1992) (STS-56, 1993)(STS-63, 1995) (STS-84/ Mir24/STS-86, 1997) (STS-103, 1999) (TMA-3/ISS Expedition 8, 2003).  Award made 24th June 2017
  • Tim Peake (ISS Expedition 46/47). Award made 22nd September 2016