Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is responsible for production of SpaceFlight, JBIS and Space Chronicle, together with preparation and publication of periodic special promotional, publicity, website, social media and other material delegated to it by the Council via the Finance and General Purposes Group.

Bob Parkinson MBE


Full Members:

Rob Coppinger, Bob Parkinson, Colin Philp, Alistair Scott, Roger Longstaff, Dave Shayler

The Editorial Committee functions and delegations are:

  • Oversee and discuss issues relating to the publication of SpaceFlight, JBIS and Space Chronicle

  • Consider any proposals from time to time relating to other periodicals

  • Work with the Marketing Committee relating to proposals relating to the marketing of the magazines in the UK and overseas, including how these are presented on the website.

  • Ensure a consistency of style, look and quality between the magazines.