Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the BIS's public image, branding and communication strategies, and considering operations not currently overseen by other action groups. This committee works to bring more business focus to the Society, making it more outward-looking. It also oversees internal communication and the service the BIS delivers to its members. 

Colin Philp


Full Members:

Steve Salmon, Alistair Scott, Vix Southgate, Robin Tucker

The Marketing Committee functions and delegations are:

  • Ensure that the marketing of the Society is engaging for the Experts, Enthusiasts and those in Education whom we wish to attract.

  • Ensure that membership processes are smooth and simple, and discuss opportunities to improve the joining process.

  • Work with the Education and Outreach Committee on public engagement.

  • Work with relevant staff to develop the marketing strategy – to be agreed by Council, and oversee implementation to remain it continues to meet the aims of the organisational strategy.

  • Receive updates and KPI dashboard updates from relevant staff on activities related to membership recruitment and retention, merchandise, website, social media, advertising and other marketing related activity.

  • Provide advice to staff on marketing related matters.

  • Work with the Chief Executive to agree annual membership survey questions, receive feedback from this, and devise a suitable plan to ensure retention and recruitment of members.

  • Consider new opportunities and technology to improve the Society’s marketing offer.