Membership Info

This page helps to explain the various possibilities available to you whilst choosing your membership options. Current membership prices are available by clicking here to download the Subscriptions Fees PDF for 2016.


The following memberships are available:

Under 22/Student Membership – this is for members who are under 22 or a student. This subscription is a lower cost option for those starting in life and offers the same benefits as other full members; you will however be asked to send us proof of your age/student status.

Standard Membership – this is a standard membership rate, with the choice of one or more BIS publication (see below) and access to the members area of the website which contains lecture videos for those not able to attend the UK HQ to watch the regular evening lectures, the library database, monthly newsletter plus more.

Over 65 Membership – this is the same as the standard membership at a reduced rate for those 65 and older.


Fellows are members of the society who have contributed towards the society in some form, and/or to the cause of Astronautics in general.  Therefore, members can become fellows in many difference ways, ranging from helping the society by volunteering, by having a particular qualification, or by working in the Space industry.  Fellows also have a responsibility to the society and can vote at the annual AGM.  If you are interested in becoming a Fellow, please see the Upgrade to Fellow page.

Over 65 Fellowship is available for those members who are 65 and older.

Your Location:

The BIS is an international organisation despite the “British” in it’s name. We are proud to have at least 40% of our members who do not reside in the UK. We have divided membership prices into three groups:

UK – those residing in the United Kingdom, and hence where the postage costs are cheaper, should you decide to have printed publications as part of your membership.
Europe (non-UK) – this is continental Europe where the membership fee is slightly higher due to additional postage costs, should you decide to have printed publications as part of your membership.
Rest of the World – this is considered to be anywhere outside of Europe where the postage costs are significantly higher and therefore the membership fees for those members choosing printed publications is the highest.

Delivery Method:

Digital – Since 2012 we have offered our membership publications in a digital format, which is particularly useful for those far away and those who prefer to read on the various pads which are available. The publication is made available via a download link each month, showing the previous months downloads for that year, if the publication has not already been downloaded three times. This has proven to be a popular option which we are keen to promote. The downloaded publication is a PDF which can be viewed on a variety of devices. There is also the option to have the PDF sent directly to a Kindle account, for those who have a Kindle device or an App on their device to allow the reading of Kindle material.

Printed – We of course still offer the printed publications which is the option that most members take. The cost of membership is slightly higher if you choose this option to cover the printing and postage costs.

Want both? Then simply choose the printed option and contact us at [email protected] after your order is confirmed to request a digital version as well.


We offer the possibility of three publications when you take out a BIS membership, in addition to the free newsletter and frequent Odyssey e-magazine.

Spaceflight – this is the main BIS publication with news and information in the world of Astronautics.
JBIS – this is the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society which contains peer reviewed papers on many topics.
Space Chronicle – this is a tri-annual publication with papers on historical topics.

You can select a combination of the above publications as part of your membership, although Space Chronicle cannot currently be taken on it’s own. More information on the publications can be found on the main BIS website.

Gift Aid:

Gift Aid allows the British Interplanetary Society, as a registered charity, to treat your membership as a Gift Aid donation which means we can claim a certain amount extra if you are a UK tax payer. We give the following options when purchasing a membership:

None – you are not a UK tax payer and therefore we will not claim any Gift Aid from your subscription.
Just today – you are currently paying UK tax (for example, this year only) and are not sure if you paid tax before this year or if you will in the future.
Today and in the past four years – you are currently paying UK tax and have done for the past years but have not informed us of this before – we are allowed to claim for the last four years. However, you are not sure that you will pay UK tax in the future years.
Today, in the past four years and in the future – you have always paid UK tax and plan to for the future (ie. you have always lived and worked in the UK and plan to keep doing so).

This might appear complicated at first, but this is the standard rules which we apply from the charities commission.