Space Chronicle Vol 55 Supplement 2 2002

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UK Manned Rocket Aircraft

The Miles M.52 Supersonic Aircraft
D.S. Bancroft

M.52, Me 163 and Bell X-1 - The RAE Connection
E.M. Brown

Development of the Napier Double Scorpion Rocket Engine
C.S. Batchelor

Napier Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Motor Catalysts - Progress at the Napier Flight Development Establishment, Luton, 1953 to 1960
J.W. Laxton

Flight Development of the Scorpion Rocket Engine
P. Ramsden

The Development of the AVRO 720
A.J.K. Carline

The Screamer Rocket Engine
A.W. Broomfield

Great Britain's Rocket-Powered Interceptor - The Saunders-Roe (Mixed Powerplant) SR53
R.B. Stratton

The SR.177 High Altitude Interceptor
D. Hardy

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