Space Chronicle Vol 58 Supplement 1 2005

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A Review of UK Space Activities

The Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester
John P. Pye and Janet M. Bee

Space Research Activities at Cranfield University
Jenny Kingston

Innovative Receiver Signal Processing in Support of the Galileo Programme
Gary Brodin, Enrique Aguado, John Cooper and David Walsh

The Development of a Microwave Engine for Spacecraft Propulsion
Roger Shawyer

SpaceWire, Simulation and the Satellite Receiving Station
S.M. Parkes and I. Martin

Low Earth Orbit - A Home for Small Satellite Constellations
Stuart Eves

Low Cost Deep Space Missions, or ‘Do You Really Need Astronauts to Explore the Solar System?’
Adam M. Baker

The UK Heads for Mars – Life after Beagle 2
Andy Smith

VEGA in the Space Industry
Mike Ashman and Richard Lowe

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