JBIS Vol 57 No 01/02 – January-February 2004

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Global Catastrophes

The Investigation of Natural Global Catastrophes
C.M. Hempsell

The Potential for Space Intervention in Global Catastrophes
C.M. Hempsell

Space Launchers

The SKYLON Spaceplane
Richard Varvill and Alan Bond

Kinetic Space Towers and Launchers
Alexander Bolonkin

Mars Exploration

A Migratory Martian Base - Using the Polar Summer, Escaping the Polar Winter
Charles S. Cockell

Hobby Rocketry

Backyard Spaceships: Passenger-Related Microlights for Hobby Rocketry
David Sivier

Interstellar Studies

Earths: Rare in Time, Not Space?
Milan M. Cirkovic

Thoughts on the Evolution of Consciousness
Bob Parkinson

New Method of Terraforming
Abas Kangi

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