JBIS Vol 57 No 03/04 – March-April 2004

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Martian Expedition Planning

Predicting Weather Conditions and Climate for Mars Expeditions
P.L. Read, S.R. Lewis, S.J. Bingham and C.E. Newman

Scientific Goals for Martian Expeditions
Christopher P. McKay

Field Innovations in Support of Martian Polar Expeditions
Charles S. Cockell

Trophy Fishing: Early Expeditions to Spacecraft Relics on Mars
Stephen Baxter

The Ascent of Olympus - An Everest Anniversary Perspective
Charles S. Cockell

The Trans-Hellas Expedition - An Exercise in Martian Expedition Planning
Charles S. Cockell et al

Mountaineering and Climbing on Mars
Keith L. Cowing

Lessons from Previous Expeditions for the Human Exploration of Mars
Jack Stuster

Comparative Field Tests of Pressurised Rover Prototypes
Graham A. Mann et al

Medical Issues for a Human Mission to Mars and Martain Surface Expeditions
Jeffrey A. Jones et al

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