JBIS Vol 57 No 05/06 – May-June 2004

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Space Launchers

Hypersonic Gas-Rocket Launcher of High Capacity
Alexander Bolonkin

Application of Carbon Fibre Truss Technology to the Fuselage Structure of the SKYLON Spaceplane
Richard Varvill and Alan Bond

Formation Flight

Coupled Orientation and Orbit Maintenance in Formation Flight via Sliding Mode Control
Yunjun Xu and Norman Fitz-Coy

Chinese Space Programme

The First Flights of China's Shen Zhou Spacecraft - Part 2
Phillip S. Clark

Interstellar Studies

Geo-Engineering Gone Awry: A New Partial Solution of Fermi's Paradox
Milan M. Cirkovic and Richard B. Cathcart

A Superstring-Based Field Propulsion Concept
Yoshinari Minami

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