JBIS Vol 57 No 07/08 – July-August 2004

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Spacecraft Control

Maintenance and Reconfiguration Control Strategy in Formation Flight System
Yunjun Xu and Norman Fitz-Coy

Attitude Performance of the Spacecraft Combined Energy and Attitude Control System
Renuganth Varatharajoo and Mohammad Nizam Filipski Abdullah

Rocket Nozzle Modelling

Throat Flow Modelling of Expansion Deflection Nozzles
N.V. Taylor and C.M. Hempsell

Planetary Studies

Water Related Environment Modelling on Mars
Akos Kereszturi

A Micromission for Mars Sample Return
Bob Parkinson and Steve Kemble

Small Step or Giant Leap? Human Locomotion on Mars
Adam Hawkey

Possibility of Existence and Expected Properties of Ball Lightning in the Atmospheres of Venus and Jupiter
M.L. Shmatov

The Circumnavigation of the Moon
Charles S. Cockell

Interstellar Studies

A Proposed Infrared Search for Artificial Kuiper Belt Objects
Gregory L. Matloff

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